Damaged People

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We may come together for different reasons, sometimes for a shared value. Sometimes we share our happiness, sometimes our sadness. We tend to forget what other things exist in our lives for a while, that’s the beauty of the crowd and being a social animal. But, at the end, we have to go back to our lives. We keep living our own pains and try healing our wounds.

p.s: Writing this post reminded me of this song (where the title of this post comes from):


Oh Dreams!

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There are some people in your life that love, and even if you don’t see them for years and stop thinking of them, your dreams will unconsciously keep living with them. You will wake up and realize you were in one of those dreams. The loved ones are still there and they’re getting older. This time you live a complete different life with them. Your dreams even change the way people talk to each other, maybe the way you always wanted it to be!

If I could talk to my dreams, I would tell then: “You’re one son of a bitch. You bring back thoughts to my mind and leave me with some delusions to keep living with them, and keep dreaming, what if life was like this?”

The Best Biography Ever

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This is part of a Prof’s biography at the end of his paper:

To the chagrin of his two daughters Christina (5 and a half years) and Angela (9 months) and his wife Kelly (? years), he spends a lot of family time working on casual models related to IT adoption and GSS meeting processes. Some of his efforts are even published or forthcoming in journals such as ISR, MISQ, JMIS, and Decision Sciences with the rest relegated to the recycle bin for crayon drawings.

We’re F***ed!

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From Wall Street 2, Michael Douglas (Gordon Gekko) to the class:

“You’re all pretty much fucked. You don’t know it yet. But, you are the NINJA generation. No Income, No Job, No Assets. You got a lot to live for too”


31st of May

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By the Authority of Myself

I have conferred upon Today

the Degree of

Sexiest Weather of the Year

with all the Rights and Privileges pertaining thereto

bla bla bla

Commentary on UFOs

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Listen kids, if you by any chance got a link about UFOs, don’t even think about watching it as you won’t learn anything useful but just get some 90% unreliable stories that include 80% junk. But even if you thought you’re too stupid to not watch it, it’s ok, just don’t watch it before going to bed. Even if you thought to yourself: “it’s late but I’ll be awake to do my stuff first after this documentary”, I have to tell you, you are making a huge mistake. You are asking why? Because you might fall sleep during the video and you will end up having a nightmare about aliens attacking to the earth and taking you away. Wait for it, that’s not all. After that you decide to move your mass to the couch so your neck does not hurt more than in the morning, but you keep having the same nightmare, and even when you get up and brush your teeth and go to bed, you will not have the same nightmare, but you will have another stupid dream.

So, that’s my recommendation to you, if you wanna do this, it’s up to. If you really wanted to, just make sure you don’t eat a super creamy lasagna while you’re watching the documentary.


p.s.: the documentary was this one: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7894334334925055702#

Life is changing

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Watching my nephew growing up with az many toys as he wants and all the attention he needs from his parents with all the up-to-dated techniques of dealing with a child, I sometimes feel being jealous of him. It makes me think that kids now here have a better life than ours back then there. Today I saw a Ted Talk video about the future of robots. It made me think how in future my nephew will think when he sees his nephews. I have seen him watching cartoons that are supposed to engage kids and motivate them to do the same physical activity that the cartoon characters do, but I should tell those respectful producers: YOU HAVE FAILED BIG TIME. Kids are not engaged nor motivated to do anything you tell them, they are not fools, they know this video is recorded and it really does not care about the response, so they simply sit and just watch what goes on (at least for kids who are kind of shy to do those stupid stuff in front of other people).

I have to say I really loved the idea of robots. I might regret it one day when they capture the world, but as the woman in the video says, people can feel connected to them (due to many psychological predictors). This never happens with a flat screen. We’ll see in the future how real was Spielberg’s A.I.!